Monday, April 13, 2009

The $128 Heineken

Good Friday beer: $8
Speeding ticket on way home: $120

Cop's delight at first chance to collect revenue after a 'very boring' day: Really fucking annoying.


Holemaster said...

Girls who speed are cool so it's not so bad Kate.

laughykate said...

I asked for a Good Friday discount, all he would say was that if I was going one k faster it would have been another $50. I said, 'So that means I'm $50 up for the day?'

But the most infuriating part of it was that he agreed with me that lots of people were confused at the speed limit on this piece of road and that it should be at least ten k higher.

jothemama said...

Same here. Try this - apparently they've changed the limits in parts of where I live. But cutbacks dictate that they can't afford to SIGNPOST those changes.

So now we have to be what, psychic?

laughykate said...

No way! I would be demanding a refund on my ticket.

Janie Jones said...

Ouch! That sucks. My sympathies.

I too have been shafted by the constabulary. Once about 12 years ago I got a speeding ticket, and that was not enough for this guy to ruin my weekend out of town. Oh, no, the bastard had to give me a ticket too for having a key chain dangling from my rear view mirror.

Because it was sooo obviously a flagrant obstruction of my view. A key chain not even 2 inches across the diameter.

Power hungry ticket dispensing bastards in mounty hats....

I try very very hard not to speed anymore. I can't afford the tickets for having key chains hanging off my mirror.

laughykate said...

A key chain on your rear vision mirror?!

That seems mighty petty, he was either in a filthy mood or just down on revenue collecting for the day and saw you as the lottery.

Janie Jones said...

I do not jest.

$75 for having a keychain dangling from my mirror over and above the price of the speeding ticket.

I do believe he was just being a bastard. Besides from that, I had seen only one other car on the road for about an hour and had only been speeding to pass that one car which had a twitchy foot. He'd speed up then slow way down and was barely hitting the speed limit.

So, after riding along behind him in this manner for half an hour I finally decided to pass. Which is apparently when the policeman drove by and clocked me going a whopping 7 miles an hour over the limit.

I was speeding, true, but come on! What luck! I put up with the waffle foot for a half an hour and the moment I get fed up I get caught by a prick with a badge and a bad attitude. The ticket for the keychain was just mean. Seriously.

I am still peeved about it 12 years later. *sigh* But I suppose it makes for good stories on the ol blog....

whoopsadaisy said...

Yikes, hard luck Kate! I haven't been caught for speeding *yet* and hopefully won't be. I do try not to but...sometimes I'm just in a big hurry!