Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Question to TVNZ

The Wire, HBO's crime drama about drugs and bad guys has been frequently described by critics as the greatest television series of all time.

So why does TVNZ bury it at 12.25 a.m on a Tuesday morning?


B said...

because they're fed up of all these posthumous accolades.

The show was on at 10pm on Mondays about 5 years ago on TG4, NO ONE WATCHED IT.

If more people watch CSI, that's what gets the good slot.

laughykate said...

'because they're fed up of all these posthumous accolades.'


And was anyone aware of it when it was played at ten pm on Mondays?

And what is TG4?

Holemaster said...

TG4 is the Irish language TV station but they also show English language stuff later on at night. The Wire lives up to all they say about it. Buy the box sets and watch at your leisure. I have watched all five seasons. It is seminal.

laughykate said...

I get it. For a minute there I thought B was saying that it had already played on TVNZ.

Am off to pick me up the box set.

B said...

oh wait, New Zealand doesn't get Irish stations, I seem to be just gone a bit deranged.

I still stand by the "5 year old shows shouldn't have prime time slots"(*looks at CSI repeats*) thing though.

Medbh said...

LK, I have all five seasons on dvd and have watched them more than once. Love it.
Obviously, with the pooches being named after characters from the show.