Monday, April 27, 2009

Just another day at the office.

An email from a friend of mine.

"Guess who's spending Monday morning in a tank with 9 three-metre (10-feet) long sharks and 3 stingrays the size of queen mattresses?!


Some days I am really pleased I am me.


Anonymous said...

Don't mention the email in your office, or someone'll say, "gosh, we should make a film about that, who will we send?"

laughykate said...

Heh! One day (I can't just yet) I shall blog about other tasks my friend has been assigned as part of the job. It makes you want to crawl under the bed and rock gently.

It will be a cracker blog, though!

Holemaster said...

I was only just watching the story of Iwani the orphan gibbon and his poor little sister who lived in Auckland Zoo.

The title "Story of Iwani" was a major spoiler considering it started with the two of them!

laughykate said...

I wasn't aware of the story, so I Googled it. The top line was the ERMA (Environmental Risk Manangment Authority) report about how a keeper had been bitten on the hand by a siamang gibbon. Naughty Imani.

Do you get The Zoo?

Holemaster said...

We do. I think its on National Geographic or something. Animal programs are good for hangovers.

laughykate said...

Oh but aren't they? And hot chips.

Lottie said...

I was going to say that that sounds like a great day - but then I saw this:

laughykate said...

Hiya Lottie!
The site appeared to be under some construction when I went there, but when I see that there's 'gator' included in the title i get the feeling it's something along the lines of that picture with the gator with either the arm or the leg out of its mouth?