Friday, April 10, 2009

Today the Fruitcake is twenty-three Celcius.

Tis my mother's birthday today.

I rang her to wish her happy birthday and asked her how old she is. I am always interested in her answer as previous ones have included, 'It's my birthday, not a maths test,' and when I have informed her of her age she has responded with comments such as, 'Really? That does sound like an awful lot of numbers. Are you sure?' Or, 'Isn't that fascinating?'

This is not because she is addled of mind (although I can already hear her disputing that) but she just does not care for numbers.

Anyway, this morning's answer was, 'Oh, I don't know - older than I was yesterday? I can ask your father, he knows.'

I gave her a crystal perfume holder thingy and a little travel notebook as next month she is off to China to look at rhododendrons. As you do. Having said that, when you consider that last time she left the country it was for Timbuktu and Casablanca and that she's already booked herself on a tour to Uzbekistan next year, China is reasonably tame in the scheme of things.

Anyway, happy birthday Fruity, I hope you have a day as glorious as you are. xxx


whoopsadaisy said...

Aw happy birthday to your Mum, I love this post! Your Mum sounds a like a great lady. And yes, a little bit fruity :D

laughykate said...

Thank you Whoopsadaisy! And yes, she is quite magnificent (and fruity).

Holemaster said...

A woman of the world. Very impressive. Did you get Rhododendrons first try? I didn't, even after just reading it.

Happy Birthday to LKs Mammy.

laughykate said...

No I didn't Holemaster! The third d got me.

Anonymous said...

I like your posts about your mum.

You always give her a dreadful time, but it's obvious how much you care about her.

laughykate said...

As I have said before, me, my sister and my brother did luck in in the mother stakes. I wouldn't trade her (even though I am positive there are occasions where she would have happily traded us three for a box of rocks).

Medbh said...

She should see the ones we had in Oregon. They were like trees!

Happy Birthday to your classy and stylish mum, LK.

laughykate said...

What a lovely thing to say Medbh.

Le Nord said...

Your mum sounds like great fun!