Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When Google Maps go bad.

I got an email from one of my 'Stralian cousins in the weekend with 'Never trust Google Maps' in the header.

She lives in New South Wales and was planning an early morning Easter Sunday bike ride from her house to her parent's-in-laws to get there for 9 a.m. It is a decent enough schlep at around forty kilometres and, as she wanted to avoid the main highway, she thought she'd consult Google Maps to see which route the God of Google saw as the most efficient way of getting there.

Now, I suspect somebody may have been napping on the job cause here's the thing.

Google Maps managed to turn her 40 kilometre trip into a route that covered 52, 795 kilometres, a few oceans, three different countries and would have had her arriving at her parent's in-laws sometime around the middle of August!

I am attaching a selection of the directions below (I am quite fond of direction #41. 'Kayak the Pacific Ocean, 5404 km.' As she so aptly put it, 'Where in my kayak was I supposed to put my car?')

It makes my Map Quest-guided journey from Boston to Montreal that landed us an hour and a half from our actual destination seem like a good thing.


Holemaster said...

Did it really say Kayak? That's brilliant. You know if you had millions and loads of time, you could do that for the laugh.

laughykate said...

Yep, about four times on the original instructions!

tinman18 said...

It does take her through some of the less populted parts of the US, so the good news is that she really will miss the traffic.

laughykate said...

Brilliant, hadn't thought of that!Google were just being considerate, that's all.

Medbh said...

I would've stayed home.

laughykate said...

Heh, I've since had an email from Google asking for the URL!

Daily Daydreamer said...

Bah hah hah - that's just so freakin funny!