Thursday, April 23, 2009

The one about the meme.

Holemaster ,White Rabbit and Daily Dreamer have memed me.

If you don't know what I'm talking it about, it's kind of the Internet equivalent to a chain letter.

Rules are (copy and pasted directly from Holmaster, cause I'm lazy like that or, it could be argued, I am merely energy efficient):

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog.
2) Write the rules (I don’t what they are, they must be these five points)
3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you.
4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly.
5) Alert the persons that you tagged them.

So here we go.

1) On Tuesday I saw Ronan Keating without his shirt on. (That is so much uncooler than White Rabbit's Pete Doherty story).

2) I didn't walk until I was two, I just sat on my butt and yapped. Apparently the plunket nurse said to my mother that if I wasn't walking by my second birthday they would have to do some tests. My mother suspected I could walk if I wanted to, but that I just couldn't be arsed. Apparently she said to me, 'Darling please don't make me lie to the plunket nurse, please prove to me you can walk.' A few days later, I got up, walked two steps, plopped back down again and continued to yap.

3)About a hundred or so years ago my (insert:many greats) grandfather arrived in New Zealand, thought,'Jeez I'd murder a beer' and set about brewing some. That beer is still being brewed today.

4) I have experienced blind terror twice in my life. The first time was being followed home. It was like the movies, it ended with me sprinting into my apartment building, I took the lift, he took the stairs. I pushed levels five and eight. That lift journey seemed like the longest twenty or so seconds of my life. I got there first. I remember thinking,'So this is what true panic feels like. It is really unpleasant.'

The second time was in the Philippines, we were heading to an island from the mainland at the tail end of a tropical cyclone(in a river boat-something we discovered after the journey).Think: a cork bobbling around on the high seas. I realised my fear was justified when the locals started crying, pulling out their rosary and praying . I remember thinking, 'I haven't felt this terrified since that guy followed me home.'

It also made me think my I-want-to-go-on-holiday-where-no-other-tourists-go idea was possibly one of the more unsound ones I have had.

5) When I lived in Tokyo, I used to spend a lot of time lurking in florist shops. They were little oases of beautiful tranquility amongst the intense crazy of the city.

Now, I have to tag six people. And in no particular order here they go:

Quote Unquote And that's because it will annoy him about as much as it does when I get my neices say to ask, 'Daddy, where are you going to build the stable?'

And that's my meming dealt with (you'll notice my counting is about as advanced as my walking).


Holemaster said...

My God LK, that number 4 sounds pretty awful. Did he go away then?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't walk till after I was two either, & neither could my two eldest kids.

We have wooden floors, so they reckoned they could go quicker sliding along on their arses.

The being-followed-home story is really scary - did the guy ever get caught or anything?

laughykate said...

Oh it was awful. It was in Tokyo and I saw the guy walking out of the station, he was small and really muscled. He wasn't Japanese, he was walking really arrogantly, really strutting, all puffed up and I remember thinking how you never saw that with Japanese men.

He was walking down the other side of the road, in front of me, and kept staring back at me. I knew I was in trouble when he walked into a phone box picked up the phone, didn't dial a number and just stared at me.

Once I had got safely inside my apartment building, there was a knock at the door, but I couldn't see anyone through the eye hole thing. And my two strapping, rugby playing NZ flatmates were away for the weekend. So I got my other NZ mates to come round, so if he was lurking waiting to pounce he would have witnessed three six foot plus men enter the building.

jothemama said...


How did he find your door! Yeek!


Large mates good.

The beer thing is cool!

laughykate said...

When I jumped into the lift I pushed level eight(only eight floors, one apartment on each). He would have seen that floor light up on the outside of the lift and would have raced up to level 8, however once we started to go up I pushed level 5, which was the floor I was on.So he either systematically went down each floor, or had seen level five light up.