Monday, April 06, 2009

It's the naughty step for Korea

So there's Barack out there in the world, spreading the love, encouraging everyone to put away their dangerous toys and not to run with scissors.

And then along comes Korea and effectively gives the World the bird by firing a missile over Japan.

Now here's the thing, if you're going to give the World the bird, you might as well get yourselves taken seriously.

Now Korea, since you've just made a complete twat of yourselves on the world stage so GO TO YOUR ROOM, and don't come out until you can convince us you're going play nicely, sometime about 2025.


Maxi Cane said...

Bold Korea. Me spank you long time.

laughykate said...

Ten bucks says Japan sends it a slapping.

holemaster said...

I can't wait for this headline..


Le Nord said...

Thanks to Team America I will never take North Korea seriously

laughykate said...

Hee, Holemaster, and not just so you can hear the journo saying it!

Le Nord, Gary Johnston is right, Kim Jong II is an asshole.

B said...

Thanks to Team American, the relentless hilarity of North Korea was ruined.

How they managed to make it unfunny, I don't know.