Saturday, April 04, 2009

How would you feel about a man in a skirt in the Gents?

A few months ago I was walking down the road and a man on an old bicycle passed me. He had a clipped grey beard, was wearing a bike helmet and a grey jersey.

And a pink pleated skirt.

With man shoes and socks, to complete the outfit.

And, I didn't get it.

But then, I just put it down to the fact that maybe he was off to an elderly cross dressing tea party, or something. Basically, I was sure there was a reason he was dressed like he was and when he got to his tea party he was going to be regaling the punters with lines such as, 'Well you SHOULD HAVE SEEN the looks I got on my way here!'

That was until yesterday when I was sitting at my desk and out the window I saw the same guy biking along. Different skirt, but same bike, beard and possibly shoes.

And then I really really didn't get it. It wasn't like he was cross dressing, he was just in a skirt. Not a kilt, just a skirt and fusty old man-clothes.

I was really perplexed, I mean, why would you? I didn't understand it at all.

This really bugged me until it occurred to me that I don't understand why people like tamarillos, either.

When I realised that, the man in the skirt finally went away, and normal programming resumed in my brain.


jothemama said...

What a mature conclusion!

I've never had tamarillos, but aren't they the scary fruit from the Witches of Eastwick?

laughykate said...

Yes they are ! And they taste ack, ack, ack.

Holemaster said...

Maybe he had huge tamarillos and could only wear skirts.

Le Nord said...

I've never even heard of tamarillos until now! I must try them

laughykate said...


Le Nord, they're also known as tree tomatoes and to me, they're the fruit where everything has gone wrong. It's almost like: this is what happens when a tomato cross dresses.

Oh and, they taste like shite.