Friday, April 17, 2009

Just popping out to buy me a Stihl chainsaw

This is an ad.
I like it.

And if I was a lippy, cynical type I would say to all those who think it's insensitive and that it should be pulled, how about having a nice wee cup of Let's Not Take Ourselves So Seriously?

But I'm not like that, so I won't.

The ad lives to fight another day, however this may not be the case after it's been in front of the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

Please let them have a sense of humour.


vdog said...

I'm a fan of this one as well - not least because it's exactly what I would have done when I was six. Except it would have been the TV I wanted.

laughykate said...

Nice! Not being the sharpest tool in the drawer, I would have missed the opportunity entirely and announced to my family that I'd been left all the icecream in the freezer or the old ice skates.

Holemaster said...

He said "Your standing on my oxygen tube"

laughykate said...

HAH! Outstanding!

Anonymous said...

I thought he was gonna say to the other son "he said you're to look after our mother".

You're right, though, it is funny, & should be left alone.

Anonymous said...

I watched it a few times and the more I watched it, the funnier it got. nice find, thanks for sharing!

laughykate said...

A pleasure! I think it's genius.