Saturday, September 12, 2009

Did you know....?

....that Lego have diversified into wigs?

Jermaine Jackson is a big fan.
A big big fan.


Mwa said...

That is the freakiest hair I ever saw. Surely he had been called away from his hair being coloured when that picture was taken.

Radge said...

Now that's just strange.

laughykate said...

Yeah Mwa, maybe he was having nose done at the time?

Hiya Radge. Yup, too strange. It looks like it's been coloured in.

Fat Sparrow said...

I really, really loathe the Jacksons.

Especially Andrew.

laughykate said...

Wasn't familiar with Andrew until your comment. Now I'm hearing you. Indian removal and slavery. What a guy.

Fat Sparrow said...

The grandma I mentioned? Cherokee, born on a reservation in Oklahoma.

Plenty of Cherokees won't use 20 dollar bills because Jackson's picture is on them.

I doubt those are the ones with the casinos, hahaha.

Medbh said...

He was on the Late Late Show this week. Just awful. Painting his brother as a sainted victim made me want to hurl. Tubridy typically let him get away with it.

laughykate said...

Fat Sparrow, I have a U.S $20 in my wallet (yup,time I cleared out my wallet), now I am suppressing overwhelming urge to draw horns on Jackson.

Medbh, dignity, they don't have it.