Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yet another example to support the theory 'You should never eat something bigger than your head.'

This post is courtesy of my sister, I would link to her but she's not a blog.

Behold some pictures below for you.

On the left we have a lizard who looks likes he's hired some fangs to go to a vampire party and on the right we have a lizard lying beside a centipede.

Now here's something you may not know, apparently lizards aren't rocket scientists. (You won't be finding any Mr G Geckos on a NASA staff emailing list, anytime soon.)

Anyway, if you weren't aware of this theory, I've got a story to support it.

On the left is a lizard with what staff at the Reptile Park where he lives believed to be were legs of a cricket. They thought that Mr Lizard had just polished off a mighty feed. However, closer inspection revealed the legs belonged to that a centipede. (Isn't that like me attempting to eat a very hungry shark?)Understandably, staff thought it too risky to remove the centipede, so they decided they'd leave him alone to digest it in peace.

Later they came back to discover that the lizard harboured bulimic tendencies, as he had barfed his centipede right back up - all in one piece.

I do like what the of the reptile park owner, Ivan Orich, had to say on the matter. He reckoned that a combination of poor eyesight and even poorer intelligence might explain the gecko trying to eat something longer than itself.

"I have the impression they're not the sharpest knives in the drawer. When you go in to feed them, they got for your foot rather than the foot your are bringing to them."

As the title of the article suggests, it does bring new meaning to 'long lunch.'


Fat Sparrow said...

"apparently lizards aren't rocket scientists"

No, they're insurance salesman, cf: Geico.

And okay, yuck. First of all, lizard barf, and then to top that off, lizard barf that's a bug. Ick.

Mwa said...

Eww. I don't want centipede for lunch. Even if it's small compared to me.

Fat Sparrow said...

Although I must say I am impressed that there were no diced carrots. We were at the drive-thru at Carl's Jr. late last night, and some bint that was all dolled up and in her boyfriend's expensive car opened up her door and totally chundered. Twice. Yes, there were carrots, and whatever purplish mixed drinks she'd been drinking. Ick.

Strangely enough I was not so hungry after seeing that.

laughykate said...

Fat Sparrow, can you imagine barfing something up that's longer than you ? Ick. Ick. Ick.

And that is an awful mental picture. Really pleased we don't have smello-internet.

Mwa,with you, centipede doesn't work for me, either.

Fat Sparrow said...

"Fat Sparrow, can you imagine barfing something up that's longer than you ? Ick. Ick. Ick."

Actually, I can, for I have seen my cat do it. Cats should not eat string, and they really shouldn't eat string when they have a hairball ready to eject, too.

laughykate said...

I really hope it's a very cool cat.

Grow Up said...

There is a breed of fruit fly whose sperm is 2.3 inches long. Fruit fly. Tiny things. WTF? Other are an inch. Mental. Also a woodpecker's tongue is longer than it's body and is wrapped around it's brain.

QI rocks.

laughykate said...

Wow.Somebody was obviously tripping when they invented that fruit fly!