Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Headlines you never want to be associated with.

I was watching breakfast news on TVNZ this morning and one of those crawling headlines caught my eyes....'Top jockey Jim Cassidy forced to miss spring season due to accident in garden.'

What? He got attacked by the lawn mower? Accidentally ate the datura? Assaulted by a pissed off gnome? Got an allergy?

Is there any way they could have given his accident less cred?

The Australian gives treats him with a little more respect with this headline, 'Cassidy to Miss Carnival with Serious Injury.

He was trimming a hedge when he slipped and sliced two fingers on his left hand, slicing through to the bone. He's currently in hospital about to have surgery.

Gah, hospitals and headlines, places you want to stay out of.


Grow Up said...

I heard of a chap who was mowing his lawn and accidentally chopped his toe, which then flew up and took out his eye.

Anonymous said...

The impression I got from reading it was that he was practising his jockeyness in the garden.

And since gardens don't usually have horses, he was practising by "galloping" along slapping his own thigh.

laughykate said...

Grow Up -REALLY ? How awful. Some people win lotto, others mow their lawns, chop off a toe and take out an eye.

Tinman, practising his jockeyness! Hah. The mental picture is too funny.

Sp8y said...

No wait, this headline is WORSE:

Heh. What happened to the cleanse, tone, moisturise routine?

laughykate said...

Yup, you're right. Worse, worse, so worse.