Wednesday, September 30, 2009

From the hard hitting news desk that is comes another winner

IN a world of earthquakes, tsunamis and locked-up Roman Polanskis I bring you the story of thieving Burmese cats.

Oh yeah, I am really knocking myself out here. (Actually you can blame my cousin, who seems to be providing rather a lot of fodder for this blog, lately).

Anyway, check this guy out.
Does he look shifty to you? Well, he should. He's a light fingered little monkey.

After a life of murdering, he's turned his paws to stealing.


Two weeks ago Gisborne couple Frank and Cheryl Amor woke up to find fresh eggs on their back doorstep. This happened a few times and they were confused as to the identity of their good samaritan, until one morning Charlie walked in to the kitchen, opened his mouth and out rolled an egg.

He's since turned into being quite a good thief, he's stolen his staff about a dozen eggs.

Unfortunately Cheryl isn't so keen on using her ill gotten gains, so she's returning them.

Now, if only she could teach him to pick up the paper.


Sp8y said...

Burmese thievery is apparently fairly common... a friend in Dunedin was losing "smalls" from the washing line on the veranda. Called Police, felt vaguely ill at the thought of some shifty person removing said items, dropped notes in the neighbours letterboxes to see if anyone else was being targetted... cue a visit from a very embarrassed burmese cat owner with very large stash of "smalls". Friend was reunited with both her smalls and peace of mind.

Fat Sparrow said...

Screw the paper, teach him to nick valuables.

laughykate said...

Burmese are crackers - but you know that already, Sp8y.

Fat Sparrow, funny you should say that - I deleted 'and jewellery' from the last sentence.