Friday, September 04, 2009

This week....

...I have been playing with archaeologists.

It was very muddy.

The End.

By Kate.

P.S Growing up, I always had the romantic notion that I would quite like to be an archaeologist - you know, digging up artefacts and treasures (read: jewellery) around ancient ruins in Eygpt. The reality of it, 'Under this mud and hard earth are some piles of a house. Here are some trowels, start digging and see what you find,' is not quite as appealing to me.

However, I think many would argue, that that is a blessing for archaeology.


Mwa said...

A good friend of mine is an archaeologist and all she does is find remains of ancient seeds and plants in cold English soil and then she analyses them. I can't imagine that kind of a job.

However, I do think it would be wonderful to be an archaeologist in Middle Eastern places or anywhere hot and interesting.

laughykate said...

With you on both counts, Mwa. One of the women there was off to start a job based in Fiji - covering Samoa as well - now that, I could find appealing.

Holemaster said...

If the bloke two thousand years ago lost his expensive gold ring, what chance have you of finding it now!

laughykate said...

But I am such a Pollyanna, Holemaster - I am sure I would find it. Serendipity and all that. You are talking to the girl who buys the odd Lotto ticket - the chances are about as great, aren't they?