Thursday, September 10, 2009

Warning: this post is shamelessly cut and paste from another blog.

I was over at Harry Hutton's blog Chase Me Ladies, I am the Calvary reading his latest post,which was on the death of Ted Kennedy.

This is what he had to say:

'Like everyone else in my generation, I have no idea where I was when I heard the news that Edward Kennedy had died. I can't even remember what town I was in.'

His comments always make for an entertaining read, so I was meandering merrily through them reading about everybody's take on it (from 'Will he be given a state funeral, or be bundled into the trunk of a car and thrown off a bridge?' to 'The world is certainly a darker place with his passing. He did, after all, have such a bright red face'), when I stumbled over an out-loud-snort one. It was from a blogger by the name of Ulaca who said, 'I don't think he ever came to terms with the fact that no one wanted to assassinate him.'

Hah! Hadn't ever thought of it like that, it does put a nice spin on things.

Does this mean I've just spoken ill of the dead......again? Oh well, I'm picking that Ted having too much fun partying with other dead Kennedys to really give a toss what's being said about him on earth. I bet he's being referred to by his dead relies as 'the one that got away.'


ulaca said...

I hesitate to say much, as you'll quickly found out how unfunny I really am. And I only leave comments at Hutton's site to generate hits on my site, never reading what anyone else writes.

Despite all that, since it makes me feel better if I do one good thing a day, consider yourself linked to my blog, sit back and watch the visitors flock in.

Fat Sparrow said...

I made this one when he got his honorary knighthood... I think it pretty much sums it up.

I'm all for the Dead Kennedys.

laughykate said...

Why thank you for the link, Ulaca.I also like your logic - much better than sounding like the promo for a reality series, promising much and delivering little.

laughykate said...

That is outstanding, Fat Sparrow.

You've survived the move, then?

Fat Sparrow said...

@ Ulaca: When you get down to it, that's the only reason anyone comments at Harry's. Well, that and mutual wanking.

LK, "life" at my parent's is Southern California suburban hell, a brand-new luxury tract home gulag. There is so much blog fodder here just waiting to be mined. I'm sure that after years of therapy I'll be able to talk about it. And we've only been here since the 1st. We really, really need a lottery win, so that we can get to NI faster. The Spouse Sparrow's mum stays up late, and even has a sense of humor.

laughykate said...

Excellent re: the sense of humour -you cannot put a price on those.

Looking forward to those stories (after the therapy).