Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Alec Baldwin, I think I love you.

After reading many many recommendations of it on the interweb, I finally got around to hiring 30 Rock. I am going about it back-to-front as I am starting with the second season.

Oh, but let me count the ways I am now a little oinking pig in a pile of televisual muck.

I knew we were going to get on famously even before the titles rolled on the first ep. Everyone was back at work at the NBC after summer hiatus. Head writer Tina Fey (and writer of this ep) was welcoming everyone back, telling people she had a wonderful summer, that she did yoga, started a quilt, read two books and broke up with her boyfriend, but insisting that she was 'totally fine' about it.

She ends up in her boss's ( Alec Baldwin) office, and he tells her that basically she's talking a load horseshit, that there was no way she could be okay about her break up cause, 'Women your age have more chance of getting mauled at the zoo, than getting married.'


I can tell already that me and 30 Rock is going to be a warm and wonderful relationship.


B said...

The only problem I have with 30 Rock is that Tina Fey has her character based on herself from a few years ago, so there's these silly misplaced jokes about her being fat and such which make no sense.

...and that's only a tiny niggle, so it's pretty great. Up there with Arrested Development, 15 Storeys High, The Thick of It, Undeclared... etc as the best comedies of this decade in my opinion.

laughykate said...

Oh, don't know of the last three, shall seek them out.

Anonymous said...

Baldwin's a schmuck, but damned entertaining.

B said...

15 storeys=Sean Lock, takes a while to get into but is amazing.
The Thick of It=Armando Iannucci, got a film recently called In The Loop
Undeclared=Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, sorta a follow up to Freaks and Geeks, but more sitcommy.

laughykate said...

FMC, complete schmuck, but oh, how he makes me laugh. I know someone who met him and said that he was he was pretty much his character, which is kind of disappointing.

B, thank you!

flowerman said...

I am still discovering the full depth & breadth of seinfeld. In 20 years or so I will be laughing at the stuff your laughing about now. hmmm....

laughykate said...

You're just very economic in terms of your humour, Flowerman. A little humour goes a long long way with you. Effectively you're being very green.Be proud.