Friday, June 26, 2009

Conversation in office.

'Hey, Student, you would have been sad to hear about Farrah Fawcett?'


'Farrah Fawcett dying.'


'Farrah Fawcett Majors?'

'Whose that? The person who invented the faucet?'

Me to other guy in office, 'Are you hearing what I am hearing?'

'I'm not listening to him.'

'Who is it?'


'Tell me! I will just Google it.'


'Look! I'm just not down with your guys' old stuff, okay?'


Daily Daydreamer said...

What age is your student?? Cos I know who she is and I'm only 20..

laughykate said...

He is 21. He should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

I wonder did they say the same about Michael Jackson?!

laughykate said...

I asked exactly that question, as I heard the Jacko news moments after I'd posted.

I got an eye roll. And a pitying sigh.

Fat Sparrow said...

I was in K-Mart when I heard the news about Freako, and they were talking about how he'd bumped Farrah off the news, and then they were arguing that she played the Bionic Woman.

Noooo, she was married to the Bionic Man, duh!

The under-30's didn't have a clue about anything Bionic. Go figure.

laughykate said...

I suppose Jamie Summers almost had the same hair as Farrah.