Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am the fun police.

I have some friends who're making a pilot for a new comedy show and they asked me to come down and tell them what I thought. They wanted another female perspective.

I watched the pilot, I laughed and told two of the producers my thoughts. I was about to leave when I was ushered into the edit suite, where there was another producer and the director (both blokes) who were asking me about some of the sailing-close-to-the-wind humour.

'What did you think of such and such?'

'Wasn't funny.'

'But that's funny!'

'Not if you're me.'

'What about blah-de-blah?'

'Nope, not funny, too icky.'

'Yeah but you'd talk about it at work tomorrow, wouldn't you?'

'No, because I wouldn't have watched it.'

'You've got no sense humour.'

When one of the other producers walked through into the room the director said, 'We've surveyed the prude audience, luckily they're not who we're targeting.'

Heh, it's official, you get the prude's point of view here.


Anonymous said...

Makes you realise how some "comedy" programmes get aired in the first place. They get in an audience, show them the pilot, then ignore their criticism.

I'd call them gobshites, but you're too prudey to publish that on your blog.

They're shitheads, instead.

Medbh said...

Did they toss out that old chestnut from gender mythology which says that women don't have a sense of humor?
Love that one.

Holemaster said...

Is that their method of market research? Think they need to open it up a bit more, maybe get a cross section of the public? No? yes?

laughykate said...

Tinman, what is the difference between a gobshite and a shithead?

Medbh, no they didn't but they did say that there was some stuff they said that there was a definite male/female division over.

Holemaster, you'll be pleased to hear that their research was stretching further than me!