Sunday, June 07, 2009


By midday on Friday I had drunk Moët, eaten gloriously decadent chocolate cake, oysters and whitebait. In that order.

And been to a funeral that had some of the most poignant, moving, heart-breakingly beautiful tributes to a life that I have ever heard.


Meadow said...

I'm sorry to hear that. But also happy to hear it, in a strange kind of way.

So many funerals are not personal. Just the same trivial generalisations spouted.

And what it should be, is exactly what you said. A tribute to a life.

laughykate said...

I think that's what really struck me about this funeral, it was so perfectly perfect.Humbling, as well.

Medbh said...

Dear lawd.
Oysters and chocolate cake?!
That's a recipe for a huge hurl.

laughykate said...

Ohhh no Medbh, it was amazing. (Obviously they weren't on the same plate and the normal people consumed them in the correct order).