Thursday, June 04, 2009

Saved by the Hoover

I heard about this story from the Australian corespondent on the breakfast news this morning.

In a nutshell, a guy became trapped underwater after an excavator collapsed in a creek near Melbourne. From what I can gather, his head was half underwater and a quick thinking bystander whipped out her vacuum cleaner hose, passed it down to him and he was able to breathe underwater, just like the Man from Atlantis (except with a hose) until he was rescued.

When I googled this story, I discovered that 'cuum cleaners are, in fact, quite the life saver. Kitty, from Bristol, will attest to that.

Four years ago Kitty's owners noticed that the headcount was one down in the moggie department (family of four). It wasn't long until they heard some yowling coming from under the kitchen unit. They dismantled the sink, looked down the pipe and there she was,well, there her tail was, thrashing madly.

After failing to dislodge her with the barbeque tongs, ('Honey could you pass the tongs, the cat's gone down the drain') they called the fire department. Her future wasn't looking so rosy because they failed to get to her via a manhole as they were blocked by a wall and another crew, who attempted to get through the pipe with a mechanical hammer, also had no luck.

Until they decided to pull out the weapon of mass destruction - the vacuum cleaner.

They put it down the pipe, pressed the button and hoovered Kitty back to safety.

Anymore stories like this, and vacuum cleaners will be standard issue with First Aid kits.


Meadow said...

Brilliant. And it would look amazing in a see through Dyson.

laughykate said...

Oh, but wouldn't it?!

For some reason your second comment has disappeared. I published it, but it seems to have taken itself off on its own journey of self discovery in cyberspace.

Oh well, I expect it shall turn back up when it's good and ready.

Meadow said...

Ah, it's there. My secret is out!

Holemaster said...

They must have left the mouse in there I guess.

Medbh said...

Aw, suction kitty!

laughykate said...

Hoelmaster, you'd really hope so.

Medbh, Suction Kitty! Brilliant, sounds like a new superhero.